New Classes!

New Classes & Quibble!


The Verification shops in Guardian tower are now COMPLETE with the addition of the DragonLord, Guardian and Starlord Classes!

Towers  of Power!

DragonLord: Capable of MASSIVE damage output and on more than one enemy at a time, but even with it’s amazing debuffs and self-heal It will need a healer or tank to reach it’s full potential!

Guardian: Our first real TANKING class. The Guardian class was built for survivability with an aggro ability that makes monster foscus on the Guardian for 6 seconds, debuffs galore and a serious survival power to shield yourself or another for ALL incoming damage for a few seconds.

Starlord: Star Captains will find an arsenal of devestating attacks at their disposal in this class. While sacraficing survivability, It’s capable of taking on and burning down SEVERAL enemies at a time with an insane damage output and distance attacks. Perfect for grinding rep!

Each class be NON-MEMBER but you will need a membership in our three previous games, DragonFable, MechQuest and/or AdventureQuest!

You can find them in the Guardian Tower in Battleon!

If you have already purchased a membership in DragonFable, MechQuest or AdventureQuest then you will need to verify your accounts in AQW, which you can do HERE.

If you are having trouble verifying your memberships in one of the other games, CLICK HERE for help or read Beleen’s Design Ntoes post directly beneath this one.

Quibble Returns Today!

Quibble Coinbiter has returned to Battleon with a slew of new items to slay with! Nearly ALL of them cost AdventureCoins which means they take up NO space in your bank!

/Dance Evolution!

Llussion was psychotic enough to add 2 new levels of difficulty to the dance mini-game in Mythsong and if you master it…. which is possible, I watch him do it twice… then you will recieve a special token that will change into something else next week!

We hope you have as much fun with the classes, items and mini-game as we had making them. Cranking out and balancing three classes in a single week is kind of insane (mad props to Minimal for coding these bad boys and special thanks to Dumoose and Stratos for helping to test and balance them), but I’m pretty sure all of our hard work paid off in spades! Enjoy!

… or else.

You gotta get them



Hey guys, havn’t been here for a while. Trying to make some new changes to the site.

~Battleon! Aslen

Very, Very – No Very, Very , VERY EXCITED!!!

Hey guys,
Know what???, imma gonna tell you/show you a favourite flashback of an item probably coming tommorow


Im here sitting at my computer waiting 4 my mum,
We are going to buy a 2gb acekard [FlashBack stops] WAIT A MINUTE DID YOU SAY ACEKARD, WHATS AN ACEKARD???,
Very good question an acekard is something for a ds where you can download games onto it and movies, and phototos and use your ds as a PHONE!?!?!?!?!?.
(flashback starts)
My mum finally comes down and reads everything about it and deletes it from the cart,
Yes i know what your thinking Same old mums always ruining your day,
BUUUTTT she opens a think for a 8GB “M3 REAL” DS CARD!!!!! i was thinking y would she spend $100 dollars which mean 40 more dollars than she wanted 2 but she turned around to me and this is what she said.
“Son im sick of u bothering me but i still love you so im giving you this so you dont bug me”.

(Crickets Churp) i was like o_O but then i was like (me pulls down trigger and gets 3 $ signs) i was LOLing on the floor so hard i wanted 2 cry happy moment in my life this cheers me up a lot!!!! since my membership runs out on the 20th D=.
I hope you all happy for me but i have a favour 4 u 2 do i want you 1 prey that i will get it tommorow plz 4 more of a chance ill get it tommorow

~~From you fellow player – Electro777~TEH BOMB!!!!~

ever wanted 2?

hey guys ever wanted to see my in game face?, well you can now with the new website i think made by lordoc or something anyway im working on the website but im wondering if someone can tell me how do you make a banner for my website if you have something to say please post
P.S.: hey lordoc or any1 can you turn me into a mod or something on the new website please.

From your fellow player ~ Electro777


sign up for aqworldstown please!

i am asian and chat!

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